3 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Freelancer

June 14, 2021
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Deciding when and how to expand a business can seem daunting in any economic climate. In today’s market, many business owners are either experiencing a “boom” in growth or are trying to reposition themselves and pivot for success. In either situation, however, having the right talent is essential.  And in today’s virtual world, the talent you need is readily available.

Here are 3 key indicators it is time to hire a freelancer. 

#1. Administrative Tasks Overwhelm Real Work. 

When administrative tasks are beginning to fill the majority of a business owner’s time, that’s a definite sign it’s time to find assistance. 

“Even the most successful businesses will begin to falter if the owners are spending more time in the minutia of the backend of the business than on the frontlines,” said Valerie Freeman, CEO and Founder of Imprimis Freelancers, a full-service professional staffing firm that provides both flexible and permanent staffing solutions to hiring organizations.

“When placing their time, energy, and focus on tasks that do not directly impact business success, it simply becomes a waste of their time. Entrepreneurs go into business for themselves because they want to spend their time focused on what they’re passionate about,” she explained. “And that’s when they’re most successful — doing the things that will enhance or elevate their business, like growing their offerings and expanding their audience. If they find they no longer have time to focus on the mission of their business, then their priorities are likely not in the right place and they need some support. Finding that support ASAP is essential and freelance professionals can help.”

#2. Growth Feels Overwhelming. 

Gradual growth is the general expectation for business owners. However, when that growth occurs rapidly instead (as it was for many essential businesses during the pandemic in 2020), it can threaten to overwhelm operations. Freeman advises business owners to take that feeling of overwhelm as an unmistakable sign it’s time to hire help.  

“Even when growth happens steadily, business owners can feel themselves getting caught up in the non-essential areas of their business,” she continued. “If they can recognize the early signs of growth and begin the planning to expand and hire, they have more flexibility to get crystal clear on the needs and expectations of the perfect support person. More importantly, they have the time to get support in place well before the owner’s feeling of being overwhelmed starts to threaten their business.”

When early hiring and planning discussions aren’t feasible, efficiently finding quality support in the shortest time possible becomes the task. Working with a freelance source like Imprimis Freelancers can help business owners confidently get the help they need quicker and without the added task of finding the resource themselves. Additionally, Imprimis Freelancers’ partnership with recruiting technology platform, ResultsResourcing, offers companies the added solution of virtual-only freelance talent and creates more opportunities to find the best-matched person to fit their needs. “Through this partnership, finding the right resource isn’t narrowed down to just your city, or even your state. You can rest-assured knowing you truly have the best candidate possible.”

#3. Expansion Is a Must, but Money Is Tight. 

Hiring a freelancer is the best option when businesses must expand to meet growing demand, but money is tight or growth is uncertain.

“This situation can occur for a number of reasons; however, freelancers offer a cost-efficient solution as they carry less overhead than traditional full-time employees. This actually enables businesses to scale up or down as needed, without a large upfront investment or long-term financial commitment,” said Freeman.

“As long as expectations are clear, there are really no negative risks to hiring a freelancer before expansion happens and things get overwhelmingly busy. While most freelancers are ready to jump into action from day one, creating a trusting work relationship is key. By hiring a resource, whether on-site or virtual, well before you need them, you’re able to build a relationship with them on your own time and feel more confident and comfortable with depending on them when things start to pick up.”

Don’t wait until things get too busy or overwhelming. Connect with Julie Stephens today to learn more about the process and get connected with the resources you need!