It’s a Candidate’s Market in DFW: Time to Make Your Career Move

July 19, 2021
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In mid-2020, there were plenty of reasons for concern that the national double-digit unemployment rate  (11% in June 2020) would continue, unabated for months, if not years. But the vaccine came quickly and the economy has rebounded. As of June, 2021, the national unemployment rate nearly halved from its 2020 high to 5.9%.

In March, unemployment for degreed professionals dropped under 5%, and 1.5% away from its all-time low in 2019. That figure is likely to be even lower today, but March is the most recent data point available.

The overall unemployment rate is even rosier for DFW at just 5.3%. Much of the unemployment is in the service sector, and that figures to improve as Texas opts out of more federal unemployment assistance, which will force more people back into the market for work. In the sectors we serve, very few qualified candidates are willingly sidelined.

It’s Clearly a Candidate’s Market

For you ambitious, hard-working career-minded professionals, that means greater opportunity to advance. In fact, when we analyze catalysts for advancement in hindsight, we see high degrees of correlation between significant career advancements and candidate job markets. So what does this mean for those of you who work closely with Imprimis, knowing the relationships we have with DFW’s top employers?

Employers tell us they’re seeing more resignations in managerial, specialist, and executive roles as their employees advance, and that’s opening doors for well-qualified people to fill those positions. But highly skilled candidates for many positions are scarce right now, and employers are leaning on leading staffing agencies with deep networks to source the best available (active and passive candidates) talent to fill these roles – capably and quickly! Imprimis Group is among the leading staffing agencies in DFW for each of our hiring industries.

Employers Are Upping the Ante

Knowing that it takes more to attract and retain top talent, compensation and benefit packages are improving as well. Other key differentiators that make companies attractive to leading candidates are being heavily evaluated including company culture, career tracking, mentoring and more. Signing bonuses for applicants with truly scarce capabilities are also on the rise, as is recruiting candidates from other cities and states.

Imprimis is sourcing DFW’s best-qualified candidates for many top employers before other staffing agencies or the public even know of openings. Employers want the process to go quickly and avoid multiple rounds of interviews that were a source of candidate consternation earlier in the year, and to do that, they need vetted job seekers they know are ready to hit the ground running. Are you?

Are You Interested in Working for One of DFW’s Top Employers?

If you’ve got in-demand skills, experience, and professional accolades and recommendations, DFW’s top employers want to meet you! Working with Imprimis Group gives you a leg up on other candidates, as we have the testing and resources to verify your skills and capabilities. Our relationships with top employers are reciprocal, which is to your advantage. They rely on us to source hard-to-find candidates and take our recommendations seriously, given the excellent track record of our placements in their organizations.

If you have dedicated yourself to professional development and have gradually improved both soft and hard skills, you could be a candidate for specialist, managerial, or executive roles. This is the time to act; many of our best candidates are making significant career moves into positions of increasing authority in 2021.

In the next few days, weeks, or months, your ideal position could open up at your dream employer. If you’re ready for greater opportunities, greater challenges, and greater rewards, the time to get to know your Imprimis Group recruiters is today!