Boost Your Training and Professional Development with Instructional Designers

October 15, 2021
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Imprimis Group is one of DFW’s leading staffing agencies for instructional designers. Many of our placements have been making a transformational impact in our clients’ corporate training programs.

Our results-driven instructional designers are heavily involved in many critical projects within their organizations: Here are just a few of the contributions they can make on your team:

  • Collaborate with executives to develop corporate training goals, programs, and materials
  • Choose and implement appropriate instructional design models
  • Develop interactive eLearning courses to train on-site and virtual workers 
  • Provide specific skill training to fill competency gaps for employees and candidates
  • Evaluate current training programs and materials to determine needs and objectives
  • Create evaluation and accountability methods for learners’ achievement
  • Write course and written materials to optimize learning

Instructional design is transformational in nature because it is all about creating the most efficient and cost-effective way to provide employees the training they need. In today’s employee’s and candidate’s job market, it is absolutely essential that your internal professional development programs be as effective as possible.

By partnering with a staffing agency with years of experience in instructional design, you won’t have to waste years of experimentation, learning by trial and error. Successful implementation of instructional design programs results in stronger employee engagement, higher retention, and succession plans that work. These are all goals most organizations expect to progress toward ASAP.

Depending on the instructional designs solutions your organization seeks, we provide full-time, part-time, virtual, freelance and on-site professionals who specialize in:

  • Executive-level strategy and curriculum development
  • Developing custom solutions to support specific initiatives and goals
  • Creating train-the-trainer (TTT) programs and materials
  • eLearning and mLearning (for mobile devices)
  • Instructor-led classroom training
  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • Revamping current programs and materials
  • Performance support tools development
  • Reference guide writing
  • Analysis and identification of expected learning outcomes

If your human resources department is new to implementing instructional design programs, we can work with you to assess your needs and determine what type of expertise your organization requires to develop a comprehensive and sustainable employee training program. If you are further along in the process and require specific expertise and solutions, rely on the Imprimis Group to bring in the consultants and specialists you need on a full-time, temporary, or project basis.