Putting our Process to Work for You.

There is no substitute for the right talent and the right fit. The Imprimis Group’s customized hiring process delivers highly skilled, highly qualified candidates, carefully vetted for an ideal fit with your position requirements, team dynamics, and company culture.

Unlike many staffing firms, we invest time and resources in learning about your organization and culture, so that we can adapt our assessments to your specific organizational needs. Our exhaustive prequalification process ensures that only candidates that meet your most stringent requirements ever walk through your door.

Imprimis Group is ideal for employers that need to fill contract or contract-to-hire positions with on-site or remote workers, need consultants on a temporary or project basis, require contingent workers to cover seasonal demand.

Virtualize Your Workforce

COVID-19 is accelerating the pace at which many employers are converting part or all of their workforce to a hybrid or remote working environment. Get on top of this trend with our new online marketplace for virtual professionals, VAL.EXPERT. Our virtual candidates come from a large variety of different industries, giving you access to a diverse array of geographically dispersed talent for just about every role and task imaginable.  

A Message from the CEO

As a boutique staffing agency, we invest in a uniquely personal partnership with our clients. Our clients often tell us that even before the first talent placement, our process instills confidence in the relationship from day 1.

Putting Our Solutions to Work for You.

The best way to demonstrate the value of our comprehensive consultative approach is to break it down by our unique responsibilities in working with you and your team.
infographic of the Imprimis Process
infographic of the Imprimis Process