Frequently Asked Questions

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We get asked a lot of questions. Here are some of the most common. But don’t worry, if you don’t find the answers to your questions here, we’re more than happy to answer in person, on the phone, or via e-mail.

Job Seeker Questions

Employer Questions

Job Seeker Questions

How do I get my check stub?

Create Your Online Account:

You will receive an email from Oasis with instructions on how to register. If you do not, visit, select ‘’Employee Services’’ from the top menu, and click “Register.” You will need your employee ID and email address to create an account.

Check Voucher Access:

To access your check stubs, visit Enter your email address as your username. Then immediately go to the “Forgot Password” option, and then check your email for instruction as it will prompt you on the next steps to set up a password.

How do I obtain my password to login to check stubs or check my hours?

Please contact to obtain your employee ID on the week of your first check.

How do I obtain my password to login to check stubs or check my hours?

Please contact to obtain your employee ID on the week of your first check.

How do I log my hours worked?

Timesheet Access:

Your time runs from each Monday through Sunday and you should have your time submitted by 12:00pm NOON each Monday in our employee portal, Your timesheet approver must approve the hours you submit each week. Incomplete forms in our employee portal can prevent access to enter your hours, so please make sure all forms are completed before you start.

When do I get paid?


When does my money get to the bank?

On Fridays

How do I change my tax/DD form?

Email with your change request

How can I mark myself available or unavailable (took a job)?

Report for Availability

Please note that the completion of an assignment is not considered termination. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities for work. It is your responsibility to report for availability within 24 hours after completion of an assignment for possible new assignments. Failure to do so may be considered job abandonment and may affect your unemployment benefits. 

Please note the ONLY acceptable reporting method is to email (full name and phone number) to the Availability Mailbox within 24 hours after completion of an assignment. You must be available, accessible and willing to accept new assignments.

The Availability Mailbox receives information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note it is not acceptable to call your recruiter or company contact to report for availability. To provide up-to-date and consistent information for unemployment claims, we must have your phone number in this tracking system to reliably track when you report for availability. 

Email (full name and phone number) as appropriate to the following:

Imprimis Associates email:

Reporting Unemployment Claims**

Pursuant to the Texas (Labor) Code Ann. 207.045(i), I understand that when my current assignment through Imprimis Group has ended and if I decide to submit an unemployment claim, I acknowledge that I was a co-employee of Oasis Outsourcing PEO. 

I acknowledge that I am to use the company name “Oasis Outsourcing PEO” when filing an unemployment claim.  I understand that I am required to email to report for availability within 24 hours after completion of an assignment and failure to do so may be considered job abandonment and may affect my unemployment benefits.

How can I change my contact details on my profile?

Email your recruiter and/or

How can I search your open positions and apply to them?

Via our website

How can I change my direct deposit or tax withholdings?

Email with your change request.

How do I access my benefits and deductions?

Review the Documents section:

How do you approve, view or submit timesheets?

Log into the timesheet site: http//

Who can I contact with payroll questions?

Please contact with payroll questions.

Do you staff remotely?


Can I apply online?

Yes, at

When will Oasis send me an email?

The first week you are put on assignment and before you get paid.

How do I get my employee number?

Please contact with payroll questions.

How can I get my W2?

Log into Oasis system to access your W2.

Why can’t I see my timesheet in my portal?

Once you log into your portal, verify that all Onboarding Documents have been filled out and submitted.

Did I sign a confidentiality agreement?

Yes, it is one of the documents within the onboarding process.

When will see my pay in my bank?


How can I change my direct deposit or tax withholdings?

[need info] 

Can I refer my family and friends to Imprimis?

Yes, Imprimis gets many of its best employees from referrals. We also appreciate being referred to your business associates. Learn more about our referral program.

Employer Questions

What is your policy on hiring temporary employees?

We offer a temporary-to-hire program that allows employers to evaluate a temporary worker before making a hiring decision. The employee remains on Imprimis’ payroll during temporary time, and employers are billed an hourly rate. This saves recruiting time and expense for companies when full-time positions arise. Please contact our offices more details.

What are your billing rates?

Billing rates vary according to employee skills and experience required. Rates for specific skills are typically quoted in ranges to allow for different employee experience levels.

How do you evaluate employee skills?

Our screening process ensures the best fit for your placement needs. Each applicant completes a skills profile sheet identifying software, office equipment, and procedures they have used. We also implement computerized evaluations to test applicant skills, and check personal and professional references.

How do you recruit employees?

Imprimis maintains a comprehensive network of recruiting sources. We operate ongoing various forms of media programs geared towards recruiting and referrals from existing employees. In addition to our recruiting efforts, we implement retention programs to keep our existing workforce active and motivated.

What makes Imprimis Group different from other staffing firms?

We are committed to making each search a personal and professional mission. Driven by the needs of our clients, our focus is to locate and evaluate candidates who excel and meet specific needs.

Do you offer employees/candidates opportunities to improve their skills and advance their career goals?

We offer computer-based training on an ongoing basis. This allows them to earn more compensation and achieve a higher level of competence in their chosen career endeavors. Our internal employees also participate in ongoing training to enhance communication with customers.

Can I expect the same quality of candidate that I would hire on my own?

Yes, Imprimis is aggressive in recruiting talent that you would hire on your own without hesitation. We also thoroughly evaluate and match candidates to your unique environment so that they will be productive and represent your company well.

Is Imprimis familiar with the latest technology available?

Yes, all Imprimis employees are savvy in the latest computer technology and software, and are well-versed in digital mediums to communicate with customers quickly and effectively. We are constantly researching new and more efficient technology solutions to streamline jobs and processes.

Can you customize your services to meet my company’s particular needs?

Yes, Imprimis has solved human resource problems for thousands of companies in unique and creative ways. Our experience, combined with our specialized divisions, provides a myriad of staffing solutions.

Is Imprimis a national service?

Imprimis is based in Dallas, Texas with more than 30 years of experience in the staffing industry. As a member/owner of ANSERTEAM (our national provider), we also accommodate national contracts. Because we are based in Dallas, where most of our clients are located, we are able to offer personal attention in order to meet clients’ and candidates’ unique employment needs.