For Savvy DFW Employers, October – November Is Prime Hiring Time

October 15, 2021
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January and February are the hottest hiring months of the year, but many savvy employers are taking advantage in hiring lulls in their industry to secure talent that won’t be available come 2022. October and November can be the best time of the year to be active in your search, securing the best available talent before your competitors have a chance. Here are a few reasons why now might be your best time of the year to bring on new talent, whether it’s full-time, temporary, project-based, or seasonal hiring.

Replace Business-Critical Employees

Businesses are now working closely with DFW staffing firms to replace employees who left or were promoted and to ramp up for 2022. Recruitment specialists (like yours at Imprimis Group) are actively searching for the right candidates to set up interviews with exceptionally experienced and skilled candidates in a variety of industries. In DFW, there has been a lot of pent-up demand in 2020 and through 2021 among professionals who want better opportunities. While they’re interviewing aggressively, smart business are adjusting their hiring plans to align with talent availability.

Hire Pre-Vetted Virtual Freelancers

The Imprimis Group has a new online marketplace, Imprimis Freelancers, in partnership with Results Resourcing to find the best qualified virtual freelance talent. Virtual professionals utilize their own resources – computers, printers, scanners, phones, and common software programs – to get the job done and offer a customizable solution to fit your needs. Whether the need is short-term, long-term, or part-time, for tech applications and skills required, for anything you don’t have time to do or expertise to accomplish, an Imprimis Freelancer virtual professional can fill the gap.

We screen freelancers the same way we have been screening candidates for temporary and full time positions for 38 years.  From the application, to phone screens, to face-to-face interviews (over platforms such as Zoom), to testing, to reference checks, to background checks, we make sure you get the skills and expertise you need. We review hundreds of local potential candidates, interview top candidates, and deliver three pre-vetted candidates who meet your exact requirements. Try the program now – rather than in the pressure cooker of the holiday season – to go into the season confidently knowing how well our placements work for your business.

Use Fiscal Calendar Budget Dollars

Many hiring departments have If you don’t use it, lose it allocations for hiring, making now the time they choose to bring in new talent. If your fiscal year accounting schedule leaves you a little room in the budget now that you might otherwise lose in 2022, consider investing in a high ROI employee or freelancer and accelerate that project schedule before the inevitable holiday slowdowns.

Zig When Other Employers Zag

Be proactive, rather than reactive to the DFW hiring market. Many of our most strategic clients seek out talent in October, November, and even December since it is a down-time for some of their competitors due to vacation schedules and holidays. Some do it because they know that top professionals network more during the holidays. As a result, they gain access to talent that won’t be available by February, by taking action now.

If you really want to get top talent on board in January, don’t fritter away the next two months. Make your plans to start hiring in October and November. Talk to your Imprimis Group recruiter today!