Imprimis CEO, Valerie Freeman’s New Years Outlook

January 20, 2022
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As 2022 moves forward, I am thinking back to the accomplishments and challenges that 2021 presented to our companies and our clients.   I owe a great and deep debt of gratitude to my team members  for all that they achieved last year under continuing unpredictable and unsettling circumstances.  Although it seemed like the pandemic was letting up, then Omicron popped up and sent us twirling like a top back into pivot mode.   We continually adapted to make sense of the mask, vaccination, and office rules – yes, no, maybe, wait and see, work-from-home, come to the office, get a PCR test, get an at home test, 10-day or 5-day quarantine, expert advice changing daily, laws enacted and vacated.  The candidate side was just as chaotic – are you vaccinated, will you go to an office, will you wear a mask, do you have the equipment to work from home,  will you get tested weekly, can you use Zoom, TEAMS, etc.

Even though our resilience was tested, we did persevere and I am beyond excited that our companies, Imprimis, Freeman+Leonard, BravoTECH and Anserteam have survived and thrived.  Team members had the ability and will to change, do things differently and make these changes work for them.  All the teams have been so diligent in supporting and uplifting each other as they faced new  and changing obstacles.  For me, it is gratifying to work with such committed folks who are great examples of when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  I believe in the power of teamwork, positive attitudes, and hard work – all three were in abundance these past two years in each team member.  The results speak for themselves – healthy companies with the self-confidence to overcome any and all challenges.

Here’s to 2022 – Bring it on!!!