Job Seekers Have LEVERAGE; 2022 Is the Time to Make Your Career Move, with Imprimis on Your Side

February 16, 2022
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Thinking of pursuing new career opportunities in 2022? If you live in DFW, this is an unprecedented time of opportunity, with multiple offers going out to attractive candidates. Highly skilled workers command top salaries with more influential roles and stronger benefit packages. They often have the opportunity to work from home either part-time or full-time, and a flexible work schedule, depending on the employer.

Professionals with representation by top corporate recruiters like Imprimis have a leg up on unadvertised positions that employers want to fill efficiently. One key to success for job seekers is working with a recruiter that specializes in your industry, as Imprimis does in Accounting & Finance, Administrative, Customer Service, Healthcare, Human Resources, Legal, and Mortgage. Now, more than ever, employers trust established recruiters with track records of success in matching the right talent to their openings.

Hiring managers at leading DFW employers want the process to be quick, which means recruiters handle most of the work before the introduction is made for many DFW jobs in 2022, from skills testing to vetting. The chief employer concern is losing top candidates to competitors during the hiring process, and recruiters mitigate that risk, in addition to ensuring candidates have the specific skill sets employers need. Recruiters also provide valuable representation and clout, and showcase your skills, which is vital in completely leveraging the conditions in this hot job seeker’s market.

Consider these recent media reports and you’ll understand the leverage you have, should you choose to work with Imprimis and make a major career move in 2022:

  • A new report from Dallas-based ThinkWhy, a producer of talent intelligence software, ranks DFW as the top-performing labor market in the country. “DFW ticks all the boxes for a top-performing metro area,” according to CultureMap Dallas, including “net migration, college degree holders, working age population growth, job gains, job growth, and wage growth.”
  • According to CultureMap Dallas, DFW and just eight other U.S. major metropolitan areas surpassed the number of jobs they had before the pandemic in November of 2021. And throughout most of the pandemic prior to that time, Dallas-Plano-Irving was the 4th best-performing market among the top 50 metros. Fort Worth-Arlington was just behind at #5.
  • Dallas Business Journal reports that DFW employers are putting more jobs on an already tight labor market in the next six months, including fully remote positions. Salaries are also rising amid the worker shortage.
  • DFW CBS Local reports that job seekers have excellent leverage following the ‘Great Resignation’ impacting North Texas.
  • In December, Texas added 50,000 jobs, outpacing most states in the U.S., The Dallas Morning News reports.

Whether you have been considering a career move or not this year, it’s a good idea to reach out to your Imprimis recruiter to learn about available and upcoming opportunities, many of which offer compensation and benefit packages that exceed advertised positions. You’ll also learn about the current local pay ranges and expected benefits for your skill set. Many of our recent placements are professionals that had not been considering a career move, but felt the opportunities we presented were worth pursuing.

If you would like to learn more, contact your Imprimis recruiter today at (972) 419-1700. As a boutique agency, we get to know you beyond your resume; we work to understand your skill sets and personality, ideal work and team environments, and cultural fits. Our mission is to match you with roles and organizations that align with both your current and long-term career goals. We represent you to top employers, take care of all of the logistics, and never charge you any fees.