What Does It Take to Get Hired in the 2022 Job Market?

April 21, 2022
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It’s a great year to be a job candidate if you understand how the employment market is functioning and how this year differs from past years. This year, there is more turnover due to the Great Resignation, salaries are rising with inflation, and top candidates are being offered flexibility in how they work, after so many professionals have discovered the benefits of working from home during the pandemic.

All candidates aren’t faring equally well, however. To be a standout choice that employers really value, you must understand what it takes to get hired in this unique job market. Here are four tips for making the most of your candidacy in 2022:

  • Understand What Human Resources Departments are Prioritizing

Are you the type of employee that meets HR departments’ hiring objectives? Here are some of the priorities that you must align with if you aim to position yourself as the type of employee that top employers seek:

  • Quality of hire in terms of skills, production, and leadership potential
  • Retention rate – employers need more loyal employees who will stay longer
  • Ready now – employers want to improve time to hire and not lose quality candidates
  • Leadership potential – employers are increasingly interested in promoting from within
  • Diversity – organizations need a diverse workforce that reflects their customer bases
  • Soft skills – employees must have communication, problem-solving, and other soft skills
  • Learn All You Can About the Industries and Roles You Want to Pursue

Sure, it’s a year of opportunity. The barriers to switching industries and roles are lower than they have been in the past and it is generally a candidate’s market. However, employee retention is a top priority and employers are highly sensitive to any indication that you may not be a good long-term fit.

A strong long-term hire typically demonstrates a commitment to the field.  Your knowledge about an industry and awareness of how it aligns with your values and talents speaks to your potential longevity with the hiring organization. You should know all of the required skills and what your current areas of strength are relative to these requirements. In addition, your network should reflect a passion for the industry; if you have very few contacts on LinkedIn in the industry to which you are applying, this is a sign that you may be feigning interest in a variety of industries rather than really being intentional about one.

  • Create a Standout Resume 

Your resume should be presented in Arial, Cambria, or Times Roman font styles. It must be concise and no more than a page and a half with plenty of white space. It should reflect accomplishments relevant to the position for which you are applying, even if that means creating several versions for different types of roles for which you may be a fit. Your academic and professional recognition and honors, as well as relevant technical and soft skills should be highlighted. Look closely at the position descriptions to ensure that you are prominently featuring the most relevant skills. When you send your resume online, it should be as a PDF, not a Word file. Cover letters should highlight experiences and skills that align with the company’s hiring objectives for the position.

  • Demonstrate Versatility in Working Environments

Today, the pandemic appears to be subsiding. Tomorrow, the situation could flip again. Or the hiring market could become so tough that more employers are forced to offer a work-from-home option. For these reasons, hiring managers want to know about your experiences working from home and your adaptability to different work environments. Are you flexible and willing to work either from home or the office as the situation demands? Many DFW employers either have or want to migrate most of their workforce back into the office, so do your research on each employer’s preferences. Some employers are even hoteling, reserving work spaces on an as-needed basis for flexibility.

If you are a talented professional with accomplishments and skills to demonstrate readiness for your next career move, this could be a pivotal year for you. Imprimis Group is here to match you with the right employers and positions. We work tirelessly to match each employee’s specific work ethic, personality, and skills with employers who will appreciate and reward them. Best of all, we take care of all the logistics associated with the job search. Get started on your search by learning about our step-by-step process today!