Why Did Imprimis Develop a Virtual Freelance Hiring Option?

November 9, 2021
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Why did Imprimis develop a virtual freelance hiring option?  2 reasons! 

1) Many of you asked us to help you hire flexible contractor workers

2) We want offer you the tools to leverage a smart trend

One thing you can count on from Imprimis: we stay on top of the talent curve to guide you to state-of- the-art talent solutions.

Why Consider Freelance Talent?

More and more work today is being done by expert gig workers on a virtual basis today. It’s predicted to continue to increase.  What’s in it for your business?

Companies are having to do more with fewer employees due to the great resignation and the dearth of candidates who want traditional work.  In reality, many jobs can really boil down to “projects” which have a beginning and an end. 

This gives new meaning to staffing firms like Imprimis.  We’ve launched our freelance hiring program because it’s a solution to a challenge from you.  Clients who need “spot” or “on-demand” expertise, finite engagements with less expense than typically comes with a full time, fully benefitted employee – especially when the work need is not a 40-hour per week role.

Large companies have been embracing these new flexible hiring models for a while now, realizing that using freelancers can get them the expertise they need on a contract basis with a minimum of setup. There are also a growing number of small business owners who need skilled workers in many roles, but none justifying a full-time worker.

Freelancers offer flexibility, availability and skills:

  • Flexibility 

Virtual freelance workers are 1099 contractors who generally get hired to address a specific need or timeframe. These independent workers can augment your core team for ongoing non-core admin roles, specialized projects and during peak work surges. They are ‘on-demand’ and can be on-boarded quickly and then depart with minimal fuss when the job is completed.

  • Availability

Freelance talent can be found all over the world quickly and efficiently, largely through automated job platforms.   Freelancers come in all different types – some are simply at-home workers supplementing household income with their skills remotely. Others are true small business owners offering on-demand, contract professional services to a portfolio of clients.  There are more and more of both kinds of freelance workers available every day, in the US and the rest of the world.

  • Skills

Many of the skill sets needed for today’s shifting business models cannot be found in a single individual.  But, whatever skill you need to handle a special project or non-core work, there’s a quality, reliable freelancer for that!  As companies deploy more and more digital tools, the need for additional specialized technical tool expertise is needed too.  Skilled in working virtually, freelancers can also help a business build remote work skills as well as build a hybrid team of full-time/freelance workers.

Our Gig Team:  the Imprimis & ResultsResourcing Partnership

It seems that every industry is going through a transformation of some kind – business, strategy, digital, financial – you name it.  The staffing industry is no exception. 

At Imprimis, we now provide products and services that go beyond what we typically think of as providing temporary help and direct hire placement.  Since even before the pandemic, but accelerated by it, we began to offer different hiring models, helping both clients and candidates maneuver through new work possibilities. 

We’ve partnered with Results Resourcing®, a woman-owned technology company specializing freelance staffing. Why?  Because we believe the future of staffing is blending traditional recruiting models with human expertise that augments technology processes.  ResultsResourcing has the A to Z platform to do this.  ResultsResourcing is THE freelance job platform that comes with your own recruiter.

Our co-branded solution offers human recruiters to guide Imprimis clients through freelance hiring, leveraging the workflow, algorithms and artificial intelligence of ResultsResourcing’s customizable platform. This is a cost-effective contract hiring solution for small and mid-sized firms, who benefit most from outsourced HR services, but also we can also support larger enterprises. Clients get preferred services from both Imprimis and ResultsResourcing. We invite you to explore.

Want to scale your freelance business and see how virtual freelancers can add value? Connect with Julie Stephens today!