Is It Time To Hire An Imprimis Freelancer?

January 20, 2022
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We know you have trusted Imprimis Group to recruit, interview, and vet our candidates for your contract and direct hire positions. However, did you know we have an entire focus on freelance professionals?

We found that there are needs that arise outside the traditional staffing model, as well as needs that arise for freelancers who have their own businesses and resources, and we can help our clients with these needs in a way that make sense to us. Last year, we launched Imprimis Freelancers in partnership with Results Resourcing, an online platform that brings the value of freelance virtual experts to you.

As many companies have decided to stay remote freelancers have been in a much greater demand and make a great addition to fill your business needs. We realize not every role is full time and are here to help you find someone who fits your businesses unique needs. This can range from a variety of positions to consistency of this role. Imprimis Freelancers is here to meet with you and use our proven knowledge in placing full time employees but on a freelance level.

The platform which delivers virtual freelance professionals when you need them and for as long as you need them. For a small fee, we match your skill needs with virtual expert professionals – and provide you with a choice of vetted candidates from our database of freelance virtual experts. When you hire an Imprimis Freelancer, we manage payments and 1099 administration for you.  The cost and ease of use of our virtual freelancers can reduce costs of hiring and vetting candidates and the laborious process of doing this yourself. With Imprimis Freelancers you get the heart and hands of real human beings in finding and vetting freelance professionals PLUS everything great about online job board platforms. 

If you would like to learn more, click here, or if you are ready to get started with finding an expert freelancer for your company, click here.  To speak with our Imprimis Freelancers executive, please call Julie Stephens at 972.419.1670 or email her at